Day 14

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Day 13 Farm Stay pictures


Day 13


The SDSU students started off their day eating breakfast at their farm host house. Breakfasts included omelets, bacon, coffee, tea, different jams, and of course some good ole’ Vegemite. I think most students would say the vegemite was not a fan favorite. The students then made their way back to the Millers Flat town hall to gather before we made our way up to Avenel station. The students got to hop in the back of 4x4 vehicles of their farm stay hosts and maneuvered through the hills to make their first stop of the day. Arriving at the station, the group was greeted with tea, coffee, and some pastries. At the station, we were introduced to Nick and Dave where Nick gave us a rundown of the operation. They started the operation in 1965 with around 11,000 acres and formed a partnership up until 1989, and have since then reduced to 5,000 acres which are now run by three cousins. 

They currently run 4,800 mostly crossbred sheep and 300 head of Hereford Angus cross cattle. The oper…